Do You Celebrate Your Mistakes?

Every mistake is an opportunity for learning and growth

Manuela Pauer
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


Photo by: Mohamed Mohassi on Unsplash

Sure, we have heard that to err is human. Everyone makes mistakes.

But even so, everywhere around us, we see that mistakes get pointed out and circled with red makers. People get chewed out for mistakes and we oftentimes even blame and criticize ourselves for them.

That makes us even more reluctant to make mistakes. And the effect is devastating. As Einstein says, it makes us afraid to try anything new.

It keeps us from exploring different possibilities, experimenting, and expanding our horizons. And I see in my coaching practice how it keeps people from creating a career and life they truly want.

What if we weren’t so afraid to make mistakes? What if it would allow us to pursue things we really want and be a whole lot happier?

I suggest that we change our relationship with mistakes and celebrate them instead of letting them drag us down.

In Improv, there is a practice of stepping into the circle, throwing up your arms and exclaiming “Ta Daaaaa!!!” whenever you make a mistake.

What if we could do the same in our life?

We learn from our mistakes, which helps us grow, so we can celebrate our learning and grow with each mistake we make.

Making a mistake means that we took action and dared to try something new. That is worth celebrating.

Next time I make a mistake, I will celebrate. “Ta Daaaaa!!!”

Are you with me?



Manuela Pauer

Career and Life Happiness Coach. Former Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Product Management at AOL.