This really resonated with me, Bingz! I discovered dance as a kid because in 5th grade we all got to participate in a dance performance and I loved it! So I tried to find a dance class that I could ride my bike to (it was a jazz dance class) and then begged my parents to let me take it.

Over the years I have started and stopped dancing so many times - when my career got too busy at different times I stopped. I also struggled with wanting to be good at it, but for me that means lots of practice that takes the joy out of dancing for me.

Over the years I have realized that it is ok that I am not going to be great at it. I enjoy exploring different dance forms (jazz, tap, hip hop and Indian folk dance so far) and what I can do well is express the joy I feel when dancing and share that joy with others.

I am just a doggie Mom, but I have met many wonderful Moms who dance, just like you, so dance has created friendships for me as well. I am so glad that you are doing what lights you up! It lights me up as well! 😍


Career and Life Happiness Coach. Former Executive Director of Strategic Planning and Product Management at AOL.

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